Each hiker is responsible for his or her safety and must assume all risk and liability when hiking with the Greenville Natural History Association. Club leaders and officers shall not be liable for any injuries, loss or damage to persons or property arising from any hikes, activities or travel by car.

  1. DO NOT attempt any hike beyond your ability.
  2. Ask the Hike Leader to describe the hike.
  3. Unless you are experienced and in good shape, you should consider that any hike over 8 miles is Strenuous.
  4. Wear a hunting orange vest or hat during hunting season.
  5. Sign in before the hike – add a Phone Number in case of emergency.
  6. Notify the Hike Leader of any injury or illness.
  7. Do not hike ahead of the Hike Leader without specific permission and do not hike behind the Sweep.  If you need to leave the trail for personal reasons, then leave your daypack on the trail so that the Sweep will know to wait for you.
  8. No one should leave the hike group without first informing the Hike Leader.  It is not advisable to hike alone.  If, for health or any other reason, you need to leave the hike, at least two other hikers should accompany you back to the trailhead.
  9. Offer your car pool driver gas money as suggested by the hike description.  Contribute any fee required by a State Park, National Forest, National Park, etc.
  10. Do not bring pets on hikes.  See PET POLICY.
  11. Never drink untreated water directly from waterfalls, streams, rivers or lakes that may be contaminated by animal or human wastes.  There is a risk of parasitic infections that may cause nausea, bloating, cramps or diarrhea.
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